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Dallas Odor Control

Every commercial property produces waste and their waste is stored on site typically in a dumpster and almost always very close to their kitchen or employee service areas. With the waste comes an undesirable smell that can become overwhelming especially during hot summer months. To combat this issue, PestFix has developed an effective Odor Control management program that not only masks the scent of bad odors, but actually goes after the source stopping the odor before it starts. We've utilize our existing mosquito control misting system technology to apply a fragrant missed with numerous options of scent and levels of control. In addition to the mist there are odor eating solutions that can be applied directly at the source of the odor. 

Mist away unpleasant odors for a more pleasant experience with PestFix Odor Control.

Permanent Odor Solution: Utilizing the same technology as the MosquitoNix misting system, we place nozzles discreetly around the dumpster or trash collection area and spray a light mist on a timed duration. Kills bacteria at the source and eliminates odor with a comprehensive all-day approach.

Ongoing Temporary Treatment: We can do weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or one time fogging treatments. This option kills bacteria at the source and eliminates odor temporarily.

FlyNix & Odor Control: In conjunction with odor control, our system can double as flying insect control application for your property. This option will act as a dual purpose in repelling pesky insects as well as replacing the current unbearable odor.

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