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Jacksonville Fire Ant Control

PestFix exclusive fire ant management plan is perfect for Jacksonville area parks, public lake areas, camp grounds and community recreational fields. Our Jacksonville team's specialized treatment plan was developed specifying to prevent & remove fire ant hills from high traffic areas.

Fire ants can ruin a camping trip, walk along the lake, picnic in the park or jog with your pet. With PestFix exclusive Fire Ant Control program we offer two exclusive layers of fire ant protection. 

One is a preventative broad spectrum approach - creating a barrier around the treated zone. While the other is a local-targeted spot treatment for active mounds.
  • Back pack foggers
  • Truck mounted sprayer
  • Motorized sprayer
  • Stand up sprayer
Broad Step:
Granular bait insecticide | Effective in 24-72 hours | Effective for 3-4 months | Must be applied 4 hours before rain fall
Targeted Steps:
Liquid insecticide Contact & kill | Not used near lakes or run off  | Must be applied 4 hours before rain fall

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