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A green approach to pest control

Controlling rodents, insects and other pests is the specialty of PestFix® professionals. And if you're seeking an ecofriendly pest control option, PestFix can help there too. We have developed successful techniques for green insect control that allow you to treat your property safely and effectively.

Ecofriendly pest control will have minimal impact on the environment. Making use of green pest control involves a few different methods, starting with ecofriendly treatments and chemicals. You can select our green pest control treatments for areas such as homes, backyards or schools, providing a safe means of treating pests in areas where children are playing.

Natural and organic pest control chemicals also represent ecofriendly treatment options. Organic pest control products contain all-natural ingredients. By using 100 percent natural ingredients in pest control, people, children and pets can feel safe being in the area that has been treated. When picking a natural or organic pest control product, make sure you stick with a company that knows how to use it properly. Improper application of the natural product could result in unsatisfactory results or in unsafe areas for pets and children.

Another way to employ green techniques with pest control is by preventing pests from entering homes in the first place. By helping homeowners figure out how to configure their homes to cause pests to stay away, pest control companies can use fewer chemicals, which is better for the environment. Some pest control organizations set up regular visits and treatments on a schedule that allows for better control of the pest population and less chemical usage. Regular visits allow the professionals to make sure the property's configuration remains safe for keeping pests away.

Our green pest control methods are offered at no additional charge compared to other treatment methods, and our technicians have extensive training on ecofriendly options. To learn more about our ecofriendly methods of controlling insects and other pests, contact us! Members of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will answer all of your questions. And we will set up time to produce a free estimate for you.

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