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Controlling Bed Bugs in Commercial Spaces: Hotels, Dorms, etc

Bed bugs are among the toughest insects to control, as evidenced by the large amount of media attention these pests have received in recent years. Bed bugs are resistant to certain pesticides and are small insects that aren't easy to spot. This makes bed bugs of particular concern in commercial areas like dorms and hotels, where an infestation could devastate the business or organization. It just takes one bad review that mentions bed bugs to drive customers away. Our PestFix® professionals have put together some ideas for helping you eliminate bed bugs from your building.

The Signs of Bed Bugs

These insects are particularly worrisome for buildings where people sleep. A bed bug feeds on humans. These insects will live inside fabrics, including bed sheets, waiting for you to become inactive while sleeping before feeding. If you have bed bugs in your building, you'll notice brown or black stains on fabrics and linen. If a bed bug that has fed is crushed inadvertently, you may notice small blood stains.

Hotels and dorms could do everything right in terms of ensuring they have no bed bugs in their buildings, but if one guest brings these pests into a room, the insects can spread to multiple rooms within a short amount of time. This makes it important to keep an eye out for the signs for bed bugs, so they can be eliminated while the problem is manageable.

Although bed bugs have been around for many decades, their numbers have grown substantially in the past few years. Because people hadn't encountered these pests on a regular basis until recently, figuring out how to eliminate them has been a challenge.

Keeping Bed Bugs at Bay

Bed bugs aren't just a problem in places where people sleep, such as dorms and hotels. For example, coffee shops, office waiting areas and bars that have fabric covered chairs and couches could end up as a home to bed bugs.

Figuring out the exact source of a bed bug infestation in a particular commercial location is extremely difficult. Hundreds of people come and go every day in hotels, doctor's offices and coffee shops, and any of them could be the source of the bed bugs. Additionally, no one may notice the presence of the bed bugs until a week or two after the introduction of these pests to the commercial location, so finding the source of the infestation is nearly impossible.

This means commercial operators need to be vigilant about looking for the signs of bed bugs, educating their employees. The sooner you can spot bed bugs, the better chance you'll have of eliminating them before they can spread and create an infestation … or before you receive a bad Internet review.

If you believe you've spotted some signs of bed bugs in your commercial operation, don't hesitate to call us at PestFix. Our professionals will quickly recognize the signs of bed bugs, helping you determine the exact treatment plan that will rid your hotel, dorm or other commercial building of these pests as quickly as possible.

Beyond specific eradication techniques, our professionals will be able to give you advice on how to reduce the possibility of seeing bed bugs in your operation. By taking preventative measures that our technicians suggest, you'll be better equipped to keep bed bugs away. PestFix's technicians have the correct set of tools, chemicals and know-how to keep your building safe from these pesky insects. Contact our friendly customer service team to set up a free estimate.

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