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How Roaches Impact Your Residential or Commercial Space

Resilient, resourceful and repulsive, roaches are one of the worst pests to deal with. Once they infiltrate your home or business, it’s seriously tough to get these insects out. They’re incredibly robust, often surviving for months without food and weeks without water. Their ability to withstand harsh conditions make them much more difficult to eliminate, but there are ways to get rid of roaches for good.

Infestations in different locations can present unique challenges. Take a closer look at how a cockroach infestation can impact a residential space vs. a commercial space, and how to approach pest elimination in each of these settings with the help of PestFix®.

Roaches in Residences

Unlike some other types of insects, cockroaches feel perfectly at home in a residential building. Their search for food, water and shelter is resolved inside your home, making it the perfect place to settle in. While they feel comfortable and cozy, however, your family is put at risk. Roaches can carry bacteria that lead to rashes, allergies, diarrhea, food poisoning and other harmful side effects. They can also produce a foul odor and cause damage to your home’s structure.

For homeowners, there’s a great temptation to eliminate a cockroach infestation using DIY methods. There are plenty of roach sprays, bombs and treatments available over the counter, but unfortunately, these just won’t do the trick. While they might take out part of the roach population in your home, they are very unlikely to completely eliminate it. Remember, cockroaches are especially resilient, and they reproduce at rapid rates when living in comfortable conditions. You’ll need the help of PestFix, a pest control company with residential experience, to truly get rid of roaches.

Roaches in Commercial Spaces

When you’re in a retail store, an office building, a warehouse or another type of commercial space, cockroaches are just as intrusive on your daily life as they would be at home. However, these settings also preset some particularly challenging and potentially costly situations for the businesses that use the commercial space. For example, a roach infestation in a warehouse can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage to stored products. And consider the reaction from a customer or a client who spots a cockroach scurrying across the floor of a retail store or a conference room.

In some cases, janitorial staff can help to mitigate any sanitation issues connected to the insect issue. Maintenance staff can also be deployed to patch up any entry points from cracks in walls, windows, doors, etc. However, commercial spaces are generally more difficult to rid of cockroaches than homes due to the sheer size of the space. Furthermore, you have the health and safety of both employees and customers to consider, so opening yourself up to a potential HR issue or lawsuit is unwise. Fortunately, PestFix’s pest control professionals have experience working in commercial buildings, so they know exactly where to target their treatments and how to keep staff and clients safe while getting rid of cockroaches.

Contact the pest control experts at PestFix to get rid of roaches in your residential or commercial space. PestFix can also set you up with prevention treatments to keep roaches from coming in. Call now to learn more about our pest control services and to get a free cost estimate.

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