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How to Control Odors in your Commercial Space

First impressions are critically important, and a bad smell in your business can cost you money. It doesn't even matter if there are customers present. Your business might carefully cordon them to certain waiting areas, or keep them off your property completely. Uncontrolled odors can affect productivity, morale and even health. And because a common workplace is filled with a variety of different people who bring their own unique personalities, fashions and habits to work with them, it can be tricky to tamp down on all the different types of odors that exist.

Pest and odors have some things in common. At PestFix®, we've been working with customers for more than 30 years and have seen a lot of different ways that odors can show up - and some pretty good ways of stopping them cold. Here are a few tips from what we've picked up:

• The dumpster area is one of the biggest problem areas we've seen - especially for restaurants, convenience stores, bakeries and other types of businesses that throw away plenty of products. By the time the trash company comes to empty the dumpster, all those things have rotted away to create quite the stink. And in warmer summer months, that smell gets even worse.

This particular problem is so bad that we've adapted a system to help clients who have odor problems at their dumpster. With our odor control service, we position several of our misting nozzles around your dumpster, then periodically mist throughout the day with a compound that kills the bacteria creating the smell. Contact our PestFix staff members about how easy and affordable it is to incorporate this into your existing pest control plan.

• Restrooms are a place where foul smells can develop quickly - and where customers' judgment can be particularly critical. Make sure that all surfaces in your restrooms are getting cleaned regularly throughout the day, and that trash is getting emptied. Make sure your entire staff is part of the solution, not the problem - encourage them to check for cleanliness regularly.

• Most smells in a workplace come from food, so make sure workers keep their spaces as fresh as possible. Clean spills and crumbs immediately, and make sure trash is taken out regularly.

• Refrigerators can be a source of massive odor problems. Make sure it's cleaned out on a schedule, and that both compartments have a fresh box of baking soda inside. Also, consider an incentive or bonus for a staff member who is willing to take on fridge duty.

• Food isn't the only thing that can stink up a joint. Sometimes, the resources and supplies of your business can be just as pungent, whether it's a raw material or a cleaning agent. Be aware of those smells, and store them appropriately.

• Air fresheners are a good idea, but keep in mind that they don't SOLVE odor problems. "Air freshener" is somewhat of a misnomer - they actually add odors to the air. The strongest, most effective air fresheners can't clean messes, however, and those are what cause bad smells. Also, when picking a freshener, try to stick with a neutral, fresh smell - a flowery or sugary scent can annoy as many people as it pleases.

• If someone else tells you about an odor, listen to them. This is your workplace, after all. You spend a lot of time here and get used to the smells. If someone from the outside gets a whiff of something unpleasant, it's worth investigating.

Running a business requires a heightened awareness of all of your senses. When it comes to yours, paying attention to your odors will pay off. Contact us at Pest Fix for a full odor control evaluation.

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