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How to Prevent pests in your Garden

Gardens require a lot of work to keep them producing flowers or vegetables successfully. Unfortunately, there are plenty of pests out there that want to counteract all of your hard work. Certain pests may eat the vegetables, while others only want to eat the leaves on the plants. Either way, it results in the same problem of dead plants that reduce your garden to nothing. Learn how to prevent garden pests with PestFix® professionals' tips.

Animal Pest Control: Many kinds of animals can cause damage to a garden, but rodents cause the most damage. Moles, rats, rabbits and mice can dig holes and cause damage to the roots of plants. They also may eat certain vegetables or just gnaw on them, causing contamination and a loss of crops.

Insect Pest Control: Certain types of insects, slugs and snails do significant damage to a garden, but you need to know exactly which types of insects are causing the problems. You will want to target the precise pests you're seeing to ensure the treatments are successful and cost-effective.

Helpful Insects: Don't use general-use pesticides, as these may kill insects that are beneficial to a garden, such as ladybugs, bees, butterflies and praying mantises. These insects will kill and eat other insects that could be causing damage to your garden, so you don't want to remove or kill them. Consider some ecofriendly options for controlling only certain species insects to keep these helpful insects safe.

Weak Plants: Remove any damaged plants from the garden as soon as you can. Insects and other pests will attack these weaker plants first, potentially leading to an infestation.

Water Early: If you're going to water the plants in the garden, do it early in the day. This will allow the mulch and other areas of the garden to dry during the heat of the day, and keeping the mulch in the garden drier will create less of a breeding ground for pests.

At PestFix, our professionals are ready to help you with controlling all kinds of pests in your garden. We have the tools, treatments and techniques to keep plants producing at the highest level without damage from insects, rodents and other pests. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team to set up a free estimate.

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