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What are Silverfish?

Have you ever seen a long silver insect without wings in your home? Maybe crawling in your tub or up your bathroom wall? These wingless insects are known as Silverfish.

You may have noticed they move quickly & are nocturnal. Silverfish prefer damp areas of your home like attics, basements, bathrooms & kitchens that hold high levels of humidity. 

These bugs might be ugly & cause minimal damage to paper, clothing or wallpaper, but they do not bite or carry disease. They prefer feeding on things like: paper, dead skin cells, glue, cardboard cereal boxes & other dry goods. 

If you see one or two of these insects in your home it likely is not an issues, but if you begin seeing more of these silver insects in greater & greater numbers it's time to call the professionals. 

Here are some preventative tips to avoid an infestation:

  1. If you have humidity issues, try using a dehumidifier
  2. Seal cracks or holes to keep Silverfish from entering & laying eggs in your home 
  3. Do not pile up mail, newspaper or boxes in high humidity areas like an attic, garage or basement
  4. Keep dry goods & food stored & tightly sealed 
  5. Regularly vacuum and pick-up food particles
  6. Store clothing in a dry sealed container or bin 

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