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Which Household Pests to be Prepared for this Fall

While many people think of summer as high time for bugs, the truth is that insects are often just as active during the fall. Towards the beginning of fall, warm days and cool nights present fertile breeding grounds for many species, and the damp, decaying surroundings keep many insects happily fed. For a comprehensive look at typical pests, check out the PestFix® Pest Library.

Then, as winter nears, more bugs look for cozy places to take shelter from the cold. This is when many insects are most likely to come into your home through any entry point they can find. Tiny cracks near windows and doors, holes near a crawl space or broken window screens can let in a wide variety of flying insects. Here are some of the main culprits you may see:

  • Flies: House flies reproduce on decaying organic matter, so they can continue to breed indoors through the winter if exposed trash or dirty drains provide a place to breed.
  • Mosquitos: Mosquitos will continue to thrive until frost appears. Indoors, they use standing water to breed and continue to bite and potentially spread disease.
  • Spiders: Spiders will move indoors when they can find other insects to prey upon there.
  • Millipedes: Dark, damp spots like crawl spaces and basements attract millipedes in the fall.
  • Ladybugs: A specific type of biting ladybug called the multicolored Asian lady beetle will sometimes congregate in homes as the weather cools.
  • Boxelder Bugs: These bugs are fairly harmless, but they’ll gather near sunny windows on fall days.

To prevent these bugs from moving in to your home this fall, make sure you patch up any holes or cracks where they might find their way in. In addition, PestFix® can provide comprehensive pest prevention services to keep bugs at bay both indoors and outdoors. Contact the pest control experts at PestFix to learn more about our fall insect prevention services and to receive a cost estimate at no charge.

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