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What are Silverfish?

Have you ever seen a long silver insect without wings in your home? Maybe crawling in your tub or up your bathroom wall? These wingless insects are known as Silverfish.

You may have noticed they move quickly & are nocturnal. Silverfish prefer damp areas of your home like attics, basements, bathrooms & kitchens that hold high levels of humidity. 

These bugs might be ugly & cause minimal damage to paper, clothing or wallpaper, but they do not bite or carry disease. They prefer feeding on things like: paper, dead skin cells, glue, cardboard cereal boxes & other dry goods. 

If you see one or two of these insects in your home it likely is not an issues, but if you begin seeing more of these silver insects in greater & greater numbers it's time to call the professionals. 

Here are some preventative tips to avoid an infestation:

  1. If you have humidity issues, try using a dehumidifier
  2. Seal cracks or holes to keep Silverfish from entering & laying eggs in your home 
  3. Do not pile up mail, newspaper or boxes in high humidity areas like an attic, garage or basement
  4. Keep dry goods & food stored & tightly sealed 
  5. Regularly vacuum and pick-up food particles
  6. Store clothing in a dry sealed container or bin 
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Bug Exterminators List of Top 10 Bugs Invading Homes and Businesses

Bug exterminators come across creatures we hope to never encounter!  A variety of bug & insect invasions have consistently been pests to home and business owners.  Even with immense growth in pest control technology and the numerous means the humankind has mastered over years to subdue Mother Nature, rare creatures continue to arise.

While some of these invasions may not have been too big a nuisance, others have often caused havoc to homes, property, neighborhoods, city & environment.

Below are a list of short descriptions of ten such occurrences, which we hope will raise awareness about the need of effective & efficient pest control provisions and services.

1. Houston Rasberry Crazy Ant

These bugs are lethal. Named after Houston-area bug exterminator Tom Rasberry, these crazy ants are known to destroy entire homes, manufacturing units and commercial outfits. According to Mr. Rasberry, these voracious critters reproduce so fast that they can cover a one-acre field with billions of their kind in a matter of a few hours. And they are not actually crazy for food items, but chew through all sorts of electrical devices, equipment, wares causing short-circuits and all kinds of other nuisances. In 2014 alone, besides wrecking a number of residential properties, the invasion caused more than one factory units to shut off their productions temporarily!

2. Hungry for Money

A bizarre incident happened at a Lucknow, India bank in 2011 when it was found that a large contingent of termites had somehow made their way through into the inside of a steel chest and chewed through Indian currency notes to an aggregate of 10 million rupees ($222,000). The manager of the bank reportedly was at his wit's end trying to guess how on earth the termites could have crept into the steel chest

3. Caterpillars Wrecking a Car

Another equally bizarre event, this time at the city of Rotterdam, Holland, took place in 2009 when an army of caterpillars took shelter in a car at a car park and spun a huge web along the entirety of a car to protect themselves from potential attacks from birds and wasps. When, about a month later, they eventually turned to moths and flew away thereby releasing the car, the vehicle was so much covered with thick layers of slime that it was difficult to even recognize the object!

4. Cicadas in the East Coast

Those living in the east coast cities in the US, periodical cicadas invasion in the cities as well as in the suburbs must be a fairly familiar circumstance.  Normally they come up to the surface from underground, around tress and grassy areas, every 13 to 17 years which is the time it takes a cicada to form wings and evolve from their ur-nymph wingless form.

The catch is, however, that there are close to fifteen broods of cicadas found on the east coast, so you can realistically expect these invasions to happen pretty much every year! However, on the good side, apart from the ear-splitting buzz they make, these critters do not cause any tangible harm to us.

5. Grasshopper Invasion in New Mexico

In the recent years, the residents of the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico have noticed that the grasshopper population have grown, and at an alarming rate, too! In fact, the year 2014 saw the worst grasshopper infestation in the city.

And this may have some direct association with climate change. Since according to expert entomologists, the infestation was caused by a dry winter. A lack of winter meant that most egg pots were not killed and had survived, which is why the infestation. Although the grasshoppers can destroy large quantities of crops, the County Cooperative Extension Service still urged locals not to use pesticides since the latter could have caused even more harm!

6. Snake & Insect Invasion

Now, to go back more than a century later, a curious thing happened when the mean volcano Mt. Pelee Acute; located on the Caribbean island of Martinique, went active in 1902. The eruption obliterated an approx. 28,00 people from the nearby city of St. Pierre, but at the same time, it also drove a large number of venomous snakes and a host of other insects into the neighboring villages which reportedly resulted in a loss of more than 50 human lives.

7. Fish Flies in Minnesota

Again, from a relatively remote history, we have the account of billions of fish flies blocking the local roadways and bridges in Hastings, Minnesota in 1957--causing a deep and heavy drift, thereby effectively bringing the traffic to a hours-long halt.

8. The 'Bugnado' in Iowa

Something of a similar nature occurred in 2011, when a huge drove of midges, an aquatic insect, swept all over the cornfields of Iowa. The initial alarm was mitigated when it became clear that the insects, apart from creating a heavy slick on the road and thus disrupting the traffic, were otherwise quite harmless.

9. Ladybug Invasion

Most of the above incidents will normally appear as somewhat freakish. However, if we are to talk of more regular phenomena, the ladybug invasion of residential properties is quite common to many cities as well as rural regions in the United States. The invasions typically take place in March-April and in September. Although these tiny and otherwise adorable looking bugs do not cause any direct harm to your property, you certainly won't want them to layer every piece of furniture and equipment at your home!

10. Stink Bug Invasion

Way more obnoxious is what is commonly known as stink bug invasion. When active, they generally invade older and drafty houses and secrete a bad-testing, foul-smelling substance when squashed or even vacuumed, spreading a foul odor throughout the house.

As we can see from above, events of bug invasions (no matter of what type) are anything but out of the ordinary. This is why it is important to have the contacts of a reliable bug exterminator or pest control services from your locality handy. For you never know what kind of emergency may arise!                                             

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small flat - oval - 5ml - parasitic insects that are hungry for human blood. They don't jump or fly - if you see something fly or jump it is probably a flea not a Bed bug. Bed bugs love to hide in your bed and live in the seems. They come out at night to attack and suck your blood - when they are most active. Small red bumps and redness will appear if you've been fed on by a bed bug. 

According to the CDC bedbugs are not consider a public health concern. The most common symptom is itching. They can travel between buildings and units to hunt for food. They can also hibernate for up to 14 months.

Bed bugs are not a sign of a unclean home and they don't carry disease - so they are nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Landlords should engage an expert when a tenant does share that bed bugs may be present. It is important to engage a specialist like PestFix to ensure that bed bugs are properly identified as their are many variations of insects that look like bed bugs, but aren't and the treatment may be different. 

Bed bugs can be managed and controlled with a professional. If you have any issues with bed bugs be sure to reach out to a pest control specialist as soon as possible as bed bugs will spread quickly - if not treated properly.

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Flies Carry TWICES As Many Germs as A Cockroach

Did you know that common house flies carry TWICE as many germs as cockroaches! 61% of people say that they would leave a restaurant if they saw a cockroach - it sounds like to me you need to drop you fork and run when you see flies.

House flies are most common and found pretty much everywhere.  Flies are overall just GROSS - they eat garbage, animal droppings, rotting food and other germ carrying things. It only take a fews second for them to transfer these germs to you or your food - so be sure to stay clear.  

House flies are also known to carry 5 serious bacteria that cause harmful diseases. Some of these include: cholera, dysentery, anthrax, tuberculosis and typhoid fever.

If you see flies around your food at a restaurant be sure to steer clear and tell the owner they need to call a pest control company like PestFix who has an extensive pest management program for fly control. Their fly control program is known to rid upwards of 90% of flies within only a few weeks of treatment.  


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Surprising Rodent Risks

Rodents carry infectious disease:

If you see rodent droppings that means you have rats or mice hiding in your home or business. Although rodents aren't major threats to every day health - it is important to know the facts. Rodents make excellent vehicles for transmitting dangerous diseases. 

Rodents are also extremely destructive gnawing on furniture, wood work and electrical wiring causing fires and expensive repairs.  

5 Facts You May Not Know:

  1. New York City has the larges rat infestation in the world
  2. Rats can swim up pipes and up your toilet
  3. There is a rat island off the coast of Alaska (In 2010 they were eradicated - so not necessarily true any more) 
  4. Rats gnaw on everything to file down their teeth because they can grow up to 5 inches in a year. 
  5. Scientist say they can laugh and dream (they can even tickle)
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