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Surprising Rodent Risks

Rodents carry infectious disease:

If you see rodent droppings that means you have rats or mice hiding in your home or business. Although rodents aren't major threats to every day health - it is important to know the facts. Rodents make excellent vehicles for transmitting dangerous diseases. 

Rodents are also extremely destructive gnawing on furniture, wood work and electrical wiring causing fires and expensive repairs.  

5 Facts You May Not Know:

  1. New York City has the larges rat infestation in the world
  2. Rats can swim up pipes and up your toilet
  3. There is a rat island off the coast of Alaska (In 2010 they were eradicated - so not necessarily true any more) 
  4. Rats gnaw on everything to file down their teeth because they can grow up to 5 inches in a year. 
  5. Scientist say they can laugh and dream (they can even tickle)

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