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Fly Control

A Multi-Layered Approach to Effective Fly Control. When you see flies in your commercial establishment, it’s a sure sign of unsanitary conditions. The presence of flies will leave a negative impression with your customers, and can even lead to a loss of business. The PestFix® FlyNix fly control program can be easily added to your existing pest control service plan, or you can choose it as a one-off service. Our comprehensive multifaceted service puts a barrier of protection around your property and combines that with targeted fly control treatment. The end result is: No More Flies! 

Our customers experience a 90 percent reduction in their fly population within the first month of treatment.

Our custom fly control has been specially developed to rid your commercial property of disease spreading flies. FlyNix™ is our 2-step approach to fly control.

The FlyNix Solution to Fly Control:

  1. Barrier of Protection – A licensed, certified pest control technician examines your property for entry points and fly harborage areas. We install fly bags hidden in various locations that are nearby food sources and therefore susceptible to the flies’ breeding patterns.

  2. Targeted Treatment – We apply targeted spot treatment to those areas that are high probability fly resting zones. This is a very important step for effective fly control.

The MosquitoNix® Misting System: Our Secret Weapon

As an added layer of protection, our custom MosquitoNix misting system can be easily transformed into a fly control system in just seconds. We simply add our fly control misting concentrate to the system’s reservoir, and the powerful fly control process begins.

Why Are Flies So Dangerous?

Did you know that a fly carries twice as many germs as a cockroach? It’s true. They carry harmful bacteria that can cause serious diseases. Learn More About Flies.

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