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If you’re struggling with unwanted pests in your home or office, contact the experts at PestFix® for a free quote to get rid of your bug problem once and for all. We’re a full-service pest control company that provides commercial pest, rodent, ant, fly and odor-control services for residential and commercial properties. Our staff boasts a combined 30 years of pest control experience, and as innovators in our field, we offer both conventional and green techniques to help keep pests at bay.

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PestFix cares about the environment, which is why we offer eco-friendly services upon request at no extra charge. Our technicians are trained to use the latest low-environmental impact products on the market so you can keep your carbon footprint at a minimum while protecting your home from pests.

Let one of our expert technicians stop by your home or office and give you a quote for our services. Following a professional on-site inspection, our residential pest control team will implement a multi-layered integrated pest management approach at your home. Our quarterly service program will send a technician to your property to lay a 3-foot wide barrier of pesticide granules and spray around the base of your home. We can also provide indoor treatment around areas upon request.

We also offer additional services, including our one-time exclusion service, which seals all the cracks and crevices around your home’s perimeter as well as areas inside the home such as sinks, cabinets and the areas behind electrical outlets. Our exclusion service offers an added layer of defense against pests.

All PestFix service technicians are licensed through the Department of Agriculture, have passed a background check and have completed extensive pest control training. We pride ourselves on always being on time, providing you with a great customer service experience and eliminating those unwanted pests from your property. Contact us today and we’ll have your pest problem under control in no time.