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Creepy, crawly and famous for their tiny little legs, millipedes are definitely unwelcome in any home. But how can you get rid of these pesky little pests? Learn what brings millipedes to your home and how to eliminate them effectively with advice from the PestFix® Pest Library.

Millipedes are generally about 2.5 to 4cm long. They can curve as they crawl, but will typically curl up in a tight ball when they feel threatened. Fortunately for homeowners, millipedes present little threat in terms of health. Unlike many other types of pests, millipedes don’t carry pathogens and spread disease. However, they do release an ill-smelling fluid which can potentially cause irritation to the eyes or skin.

The main role of a millipede is breaking down waste in nature, specifically that of dead plants and animals. They also require moisture to live, which causes them to congregate in damp areas of the home like crawl spaces, basements and bathrooms. Cracks and small openings in a foundation, window screen or other part of the home provides the main entry point for millipedes, and since they tend to be found in dark, damp and undisturbed areas like crawl spaces, they can flourish there for months without being found.

When moisture dries up, millipedes typically die rather quickly. But if the moisture persists, more and more millipedes will enter the home. The most difficult part for many homeowners is figuring out how millipedes are actually getting into the home. That’s when professional help is needed. PestFix can help eliminate millipedes from your home by removing the insects currently in the home, then locating the source and preventing further infestation. For more information about our services and to receive a free cost estimate, get in touch with our friendly customer service team.