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Pest Control Services

PestFix® Pest Control Services

If your home or business is being overrun by pests, call the PestFix professionals. PestFix offers both residential and commercial pest control services. We go beyond standard pest control to provide our customers with a comprehensive management plan that rids your home or business property of rodents, flies, fire ants, bed bugs, various other insects and odors. Do you just need rodent control? We have a highly trained and licensed team that will develop a custom treatment plan to fit your pest problem and your requirements. Our coverage provides year-round protection.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest control services involve a multi-tiered approach to protect your home from rodents and other pests. A certified technician will treat your residence on a quarterly basis. Upon request, and at no additional charge, we also offer eco-friendly services that use products with low environmental impact. There are several kinds of pests covered under our standard pest control plan, with optional services designed to fit your needs. In this way, you only pay for what you need. Our commercial pest control services are available for a wide range of companies and organizations, including office buildings, schools, restaurants, campgrounds and much more.

The PestFix Difference

Have you ever been pushed into buying something you didn’t need by an aggressive salesperson? We will never do that at PestFix! Unlike our competitors, we won’t hassle you into purchasing an expensive treatment that you don’t need. Our knowledgeable team of pest control experts is trained to examine your home or commercial property and provide you with an honest and reliable assessment of your situation. They will recommend the type of treatment you need to effectively get rid of your pest problems, and nothing more.

Learn more about our residential pest control and commercial pest control services, and get your pest problems under control!

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